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Summer Camp

Summer Camp

A place of belonging for your child 

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The Experience

At Camp Squeah, your child gets to experience a balance between challenge and support, growth and pure fun. They will have the leadership they need to thrive, and the community they crave to have the summer of a lifetime. 



Our cabins are comfortable but just rustic enough to deliver the authentic camp experience. All cabins have their own caring and fully trained cabin leader. If your child has a friend they would like to stay with, just let us know. 



All of our staff are trained to safely lead activities. Cabin leaders all have first aid certification. A dedicated first aid attendant is also on site at all times. Camp Squeah is inspected and accredited by the BC Camping Association for our high safety and service standards.


A Time for Exploration

Camp is a time of discovery. It’s for trying new things, leaving home for a rich new world of God’s creation, and building life-changing friendships. 

Summer Camp  Experience

2024 Summer Camps

Ages 6-9

These 2-night camps are designed around age-appropriate outdoor activities and feature extra staff to support the needs of younger children who are ready for an adventure.

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Ages 9-14

For 5 nights, youth are immersed in a world of archery, rock climbing, swimming, crafts, and learning about the Creator behind it all. Your child will experience activities under the supervision of carefully selected and trained staff, including a one-night overnight hiking experience!

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All Ages

For 5 days and 4 nights, families stay in their own accommodations while enjoying the richness of the camp community. Traditional camp activities are offered to adults and children participating together, along with adult sessions and age-appropriate activities for children.

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If you’re a teenager who is ready to give of yourself, you can learn to serve as Jesus did, in community with others, in this beautiful natural setting. Discover and develop leadership skills while nurturing your relationship with God.

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We are offering PLANTED to kick start the growth we see through our summer programs before summer even begins. This camp helps teens go deeper in their Christian faith.

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Summer Camp  For Parents

For Parents

We know that preparing your child for camp can feel overwhelming. That’s why we created this resource for you.

Summer Camp For Staff

For Staff

Want to join an exceptional team in a truly beautiful environment?

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