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Your opportunity to slow down and connect

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Retreats at Squeah

Why book a retreat? In a genuinely natural setting like Camp Squeah, held in the hands of the mountains, you find that you can more easily slow down and focus on what matters. And what matters? Connecting with your community, yourself, your Creator. In this refreshingly different environment, your soul will speak to you.

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At Camp Squeah, we understand that different visitors have different needs and levels of comfort. That’s why we offer a range of accommodations, including simple tent/rv pads, rustic one-room cabins, and suites in our lodges.

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Camp Squeah is a place of refuge where you can forget about your day to day stressors. In addition to its captivating wilderness setting, you’ll find exceptional food services, spaces for meetings, outdoor facilities, and a huge array of fun and challenging activities. 

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