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For Teachers

For Teachers

What you need to know to make the most of your outdoor educational experience. 

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Transportation Subsidy

If your school needs financial support to fund the cost of transportation, download this application and send it to


Streamlined Logistics

You can book a service to carry up to two pieces of luggage per visitor from the school to your cabins by emailing


Alternate Bussing Options

If you are having trouble sourcing transportation due to timing or costs, we recommend A1 Bus Ltd. Reach them at

We recommend these first aid providers if your outdoor education experience requires this service:

  1. Link2Life Emergency Training Ltd.   (604) 618-5801
    Rachel Baaske (founder):
  2.  Ridge Wilderness First Aid   (604) 477-4663
    Kayla Hoogenraad (office manager):

If you are looking for assistance to fund your outdoor educational experience, try these organizations:

  1. Habitat Conservation Trust Foundation grants
  2. Mineral Resources Education Program of BC subsidies