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Help youth become leaders

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What is the Paddle-a-thon?

No financial barrier should prevent a promising young leader from exploring their potential. That’s why, for 20 years, we have held this unique fundraising adventure to support young adults in becoming camp leaders. This fundraiser allows Camp Squeah to support young people, who serve in the summer ministry, to continue their academic studies. Join our floating convoy and open up doors to deserving youth.

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The Experience

By fundraising a minimum of $500, you could join our convoy of canoes and kayaks on a trip navigating the Harrison and Fraser Rivers to Island 22 in Chilliwack. We go at an easy pace and take in the stunning riverine scenery together.  Delicious meals are served along the way and snacks for the whole route are included. Either bring your own kayak or canoe, or book one of our 10-12 person voyageur canoes for yourself and your fundraising friends. 

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Supporting Young Leaders

The funds we raise together will clear the way for more excellent young candidates to take part in our summer camp ministry. Becoming a camp summer staff is an opportunity to grow at an exponential rate and no one should be denied this opportunity for lack of funds. Through the Paddle-a-thon, you can help Camp Squeah get the best leaders and young people get the best discipleship. 

Our Sponsors

Along side these business we had several individuals who contributed greatly to the event.

Western Canoeing
Valhalla Pure

Help Young Leaders

Donate to the Paddle-a-thon or become a paddler.