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Outdoor Education

Outdoor Education

We are your partner in designing exceptional outdoor learning experiences.

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Why Outdoor Education?

If you’re an educator, you probably understand the value of outdoor education because you’ve observed the way children learn best. There is a growing body of research to demonstrate how outdoor education helps children develop creativity, a stronger sense of who they are, better decision-making and problem-solving skills, deeper empathy, and improved motor skills. 


Customize Your Program

What are your specific needs? Our programs are designed to be flexible depending on your group size, timeline, or budget. What are your curriculum goals? We can select activities that match them. Do you want to run this program yourself, or have Squeah lead the activities? It’s your choice.

Outdoor Education

Get Outdoors

It’s amazing what getting outside can do for both students and teachers. Relationships naturally change and deepen in this setting, and trying new things becomes much easier.


Safety Matters

Because of our thorough safety protocols, we are accredited by the BC Camping Association. Delivering a safe, inclusive experience for everyone is a high priority for us.

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Types of Outdoor Educational Experiences


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