Summer Camp 2023 – What to Expect

We are excited about your arrival at Camp Squeah! Please check out these important reminders for what to expect at camp this summer. Recent updates include foodservices, pre-camp health checks, and arrival instructions.

Check-In Time is 4:00 pm for all camps

  • Discoverers starts Tuesday July 4
  • Trailblazers starts Sunday July 16
  • Trekkers starts Sunday July 23
  • Explorers starts Tuesday August 1
  • Voyageurs starts Sunday August 6
  • Adventurers starts Sunday August 13
  • Outbackers starts Sunday August 20

Arrival Instructions

  • Anyone experiencing new or worsening symptoms of illness is not allowed to attend camp and should follow public health guidance for any testing and self-isolation.
  • Please follow any directional signage or Squeah Staff members as you enter the Camp Squeah grounds.
  • If your camper will be bringing any medication to camp, please have it ready for drop-off in a separate zip-lock bag, labelled with the camper’s name.
  • Please minimize the number of people arriving with the camper.
  • Feel free to walk with your camper to their cabin, however, we ask that entry to cabins be limited to campers and staff only.

Before you Arrive

  • Cabin Mates requests cannot be accepted less than 5 days before the camp session begins. Contact the registrar ( regarding these requests.
  • Please ensure that camper Medical and Consent forms are up to date and completed before arriving. These can be completed through our Online Registration portal or downloaded and printed:
    Medical Form
    Consent Form
    Completed forms can be brought with the camper on arrival day.


Dietary and Foodservices

  • Outside the camp meal plan, we are only able to accommodate the following three special dietary requests: gluten free, dairy free, or vegetarian. Campers whose dietary requirements fall outside of these offerings may need to supplement their meal plan personally. If you have any concerns, or questions please contact our kitchen team directly (


Closing Day Check-out is 5:00 pm for all camps

  • Discoverers ends Thursday July 6
  • Family Camp ends Thursday July 13
  • Trailblazers ends Friday July 21
  • Trekkers ends Friday July 28
  • Explorers ends Thursday August 3
  • Voyageurs ends Friday August 11
  • Adventurers ends Friday August 18
  • Outbackers ends Friday August 2


  • Canteen and merchandise sales will be open beside the swimming pool.
  • Please follow any directional signage and Squeah Staff members to direct you towards the correct area for pickup.
  • Please minimize the number of people arriving for the camper.
  • Feel free to assist your camper with belongings from the cabin. We ask that entry cabins be limited to campers and staff only.

Packing List

  • Please check out our Packing List
  • We desire to create an environment free of electronic distractions. There will also be no power available to charge electronics. Please do not bring any such devices.


Refunds and Cancellation

  • Full refunds will be provided if you must cancel due to illness and/or in the event of Squeah cancelling a camp due to an illness or outbreak.

Program Overview

  • These on-site overnight camps will seek to provide campers with fullest outdoor camp experience we can provide, with opportunities to try new things, meet new friends, and enjoy our beautiful location.
  • Campers will be accommodated in cabins, participating in a mix of camp programming with their cabin mates and the rest of the camp community
  • Campers will have opportunities throughout the day to consider and engage in connection with Jesus through fun songs, daily devotions, and a reflective chapel time.
  • Activities may include hiking, crafts, nature studies, archery, rock climbing, field games, and more
  • Camp duration:
    • Discoverers (ages 6-7) & Explorers (ages 8-9) – two nights
    • Trailblazers (9-11), Trekkers (10-12), Adventurers (11-13), Outbackers (12-14), and Voyageurs (13-15) – five nights
      • All will include a one-night overnight hiking experience


Illness Protocols

  • On arrival at camp, staff and campers will be screened for symptoms of illness
  • Should a youth or child display symptoms of illness prior to camp, he or she will not be permitted to join our group
  • Priority will be given to spend time outdoors
  • Shared equipment and frequently touched places will be wiped down regularly by staff members
  • Staff will check in with participants before, during, and after camp times every day to check in on their emotional and physical state
  • Should a camper display symptoms of illness during camp, they will need to be picked up immediately
  • Should any staff member display symptoms of illness during camp, they will be removed from program and will enter quarantine. An alternate staff member will take over for the remainder of the programming
  • Directors will keep parents in the loop on what is happening during camp should any situation change