Special notices

Trailblazers boys and girls spots, as well as Trekkers boys spots, are currently waitlisted. To be considered for the waitlist for these programs please e-mail Cyndi Nickerson, Squeah’s registrar at registrar@squeah.com.
Family Camp is nearly full! Only a couple cabins are left for registration – sign up now to reserve a spot!
SLT applications are have all been interviewed and accepted. The program is not taking any more applicants as it’s full for summer 2017. There are still a few spots left in JLT and our MUD programs.
Go Beyond Canoeing is full and registration is closed as they prepare for their trip. Go Beyond Climbing, Hiking and Family Camp all have spots available yet!

Please Note that Leadership Training Programs and the MUD Program require manual registration and are not available for registration online at this time. Application for Leadership Training Programs will be made available by January 2017.

Family Camp

  • Family Camp registration requires the primary registrant (payer) to contact our registrar by phone (604 869 5353 ext.203), e-mail (registrar@squeah.com) or fax (604 869 5364) in the Family Camp Registration sheet.
  • Families need to be in the same accommodation unless they exceed the number of beds. If you have any questions regarding this, please feel free to contact us at registrar@squeah.com.
  • There is a price cap on Family Camp registrations. If your FAMILY CAMP TOTAL exceeds this amount, we will notify you and automatically apply the discount. This may take up to 24 business hours after enrolment to happen, so please be patient and do not over pay!


Please Note that Leadership Training Programs and the MUD Program require manual registration and are not available for registration online at this time. Application for Leadership Training Programs will be made available by January 2017.

Find more specific information on each camp on corresponding camp pages.

Early Bird Discount

Save $20 if we receive your registration and payment for on-site camps by February 28th. Discount applies to 5 day on-site camps and Go Beyond Teen Adventure Teen camps.

Family Discount

$10 off for the second child. 
$20 off for additional children from the same family.
(Must be requested. Not applicable to Family Camp or Daytrippers)

Financial Assistance

The Campership Fund is available to families requiring assistance for their children. Families may apply for a Campership by contacting registrar@squeah.com or by printing a Campership Application and sending it to us.

Privacy of Information

Registration data will only be used to register families for summer camp and to mail next year’s brochure. It will not be shared with anyone else for any other purpose.

Activity Participation

Campers at Squeah are lovingly encouraged and challenged to participate in all activities within the program. Campers decide together as a cabin group to determine which activities they may wish to do when. All campers will participate in all activities during the camp. Squeah’s program is designed to provide proper supervision with all campers involved at all times and Squeah staff will work hard to meet the emotional needs of each camper as they do so. Campers who refuse to engage in activities continuously may be sent home so that proper supervision can be ensured for everyone.

Cancellation Policy

In the event of a cancellation, the registration amount, less a $50 administration fee will be refunded. Cancellations within two weeks of the camp session start date are not eligible for a refund, except in situations of serious illness or injury.

Cabin Mate Requests

Camp is an exciting place for children to experience independence safely. In some cases though, a child may want to be with one other person whom they know. If this is the case, please indicate the request on the registration form. We will try to accommodate the request where space is available, honouring one MUTUAL cabin mate request per camper. Both campers must have made the request prior to registration day and requests are NOT guaranteed.

Conditions of Enrollment

Camp Squeah reserves the right to dismiss any camper who constitutes a hazard to the safety and rights of others, or demonstrates that s/he has rejected the reasonable controls and supervision of the camp staff.

Conditions of custody between guardians, if applicable, must be fully communicated in writing to the camp, including a photocopy of the section of any order referring to visitation rights. Also any ‘no contact’ orders should be disclosed if applicable.

Information Disclosure
Failure to disclose information that has an impact on Squeah’s ability to properly care for the camper, including but not limited to medical problems or behavioural concerns, before the time of registration could result in the camper leaving camp. Please be honest and clear with your child’s needs and situation.

2017 Camp Schedule

Camp Dates Ages*** Price** % Full
Explorers July 4 - 7 8 - 9 $205 71%
Trailblazers (All spots waitlisted! 1 Boy spot left!) July 9 - 14 9 - 11 $335 100%
Family Camp (Just a few cabins/rooms left!) July 17 - 21 All Ages Prices Vary 95%
Trekkers (Boys spots waitlisted) July 23 - 28 10 - 12 $335 90%
Adventurers July 30 - Aug 4 11 - 13 $335 66%
Discoverers Aug 10 - 12 6 - 7 $125 63%
Outbackers Aug 13 - 18 12 - 14 $345 61%
Voyageurs Aug 20 - 25 13 - 15 $345 54%
Daytrippers Aug 21, 22, 23, 24 6 - 12 $30/day 30%
SLT A July 9 - 21 + July 22 - Aug 5 16 - 17 $500 100%
SLT B July 9 - 21 + Aug 13 - 25 16 - 17 $500 100%
JLT Aug 10 - 25 15 - 16 $425 92%
MUD July 4 - 14 15 - 17 $325 25%
MUDDY July 23 - Aug 4 15 - 17 $335 25%
MUDDIER Aug 13 - 25 15 - 17 $335 50%
Go Beyond: Family July 30 - Aug 4 13+ $430 19%
Go Beyond: Canoeing July 4 - 14 15 - 17 $465 75%
Go Beyond: Climbing July 23 - 30 15 - 17 $340 25%
Go Beyond: Hiking Aug 13 - 22 15 - 17 $350 50%
Pending interviews for applicants and acceptance to the program
** Prices include all applicable taxes
*** Ages as of Dec. 31st 2017
0-24% 25-49% 50-74% 75-99% 100%+waitlist 100% Full/Reg closed Camp cancelled
10% 30% 60% 80% 100% 100% cancelled