Camp Squeah’s Outdoor Education rates are listed below for the current calendar year. If you have any questions about rates or would like to request a quote, please email our Outdoor Education Coordinator, Tim Larson at tim@squeah.com.

Squeah Lodge – Catered

(min. 40 students – or alongside other catered group(s))


Want us to cook for you? These above rates include are per person and include any and all meals for the days you will stay. You’ll enjoy our nutritious and delicious menu. Preferences? Please call.

Edelweiss Hall: Self-Catered

(max 40 students)


Want to do your own cooking? These above rates include the use of Edelweiss Hall and per day accommodation per person. The Edelweiss kitchen is stocked with everything except your groceries if you plan on prepping meals for or with your students.

Out-Trip Inn: Self-Catered

(max 30 students)


Want to do your own cooking with your students? The Out-trip Inn is a great sheltered ‘roughing it’ place for this co-operative approach. These above rates include the use of the Out-trip Inn and accommodation per person per day.

Additional Notes

  • The above rates are charged for students & adults supervisors. Adults with the group are charged at the grade 8 – 12 rate. Camp Squeah offers a complimentary stay for teachers and adults who are supervising their school trip (actively involved with the students) at a ratio of 1 supervising adult to every 5 elementary students or 7 secondary students. Supervisor numbers exceeding this amount will be charged the gr. 8 – 12 rates for the accommodations used.
  • Adults requesting accommodations other than above will be charged our retreat rental rates.
  • Our canteen or other merchandise is available to be opened upon request and should be a scheduled event. They include candy, pop and frozen treats, t-shirts, coffee & tea and other items as available. Pop machine is on-site and accessible at all times.
  • The rates for catered meals are based on a minimum group size of 40 students.
  • Rates may change each calendar year and booking ahead may not show these rate changes immediately.
  • Camp Squeah will consider bookings up to about a calendar year ahead at a time.
  • Quoted activities are not guaranteed to be available.
  • Specific activity areas requiring instruction and/or supervision by Squeah staff will be quoted on separately.