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Event Types

Faith Groups Squeah Retreat Centre

Church/Faith/Youth Groups

If your church, youth group, ministry, faith group would like to have a retreat or event at Camp Squeah, we’d love to host you! Camp Squeah is open to all groups who are looking to find a place of refuge in a natural setting. Whether your church group is quite small or quite large, give us a call and we’d love to help facilitate your worship meeting or community retreat or counsel session or whatever reason you may want to get away.

We’ve a variety of accommodations for either youth groups, families, couples, young adults, seniors, etc. We’ve meeting spaces that can suit the size of group you are and also have a number of pianos to help you with accompaniment in your singing time. We’ve a sounds system and LCD projector in our largest meeting space for rent and a variety of sound equipment to supplement what you might like to bring.

Our staff are keen to serve you great food Squeah style and accommodate your specific dietary needs or requests. We’ve also a variety of activities you could add to your retreat to make it that much more exciting!

We love to provide space for those who are seeking God and hope that you will find His presence here as you retreat with us.

Leadership Squeah Retreat Centre


Camp Squeah has great facilities and team building opportunities for those wishing a beneficial and productive corporate or leadership retreat. If you’ve a staff retreat or event you would like to organize or are looking to build team within your corporate group, consider coming to Squeah for a day or a few to find the time to focus on the values your company wants to impart to it’s staff. Let us know if our team building and ropes course activities could positively help you achieve your goals and we’ll provide excellent facilitation for you.

We love positive and encouraging leadership and want to support you in developing strong and value filled leaders for tomorrow! Give us a call or e-mail to find out how we could serve your needs.

Couples Adults Squeah Retreat Centre


If your group is a specific gender retreat we’d love to be able to serve you to meet your goals. Camp Squeah has hosted a variety of Men’s and Women’s retreats both for faith and non-faith based groups. Our kitchen staff have met specific requests for both types of retreats and we love to help you connect well with your group.

If your group has some sensitivities to who you might be sharing the site with, let us know and we will do our best to provide the space and the environment required to keep your retreat atmosphere what you’re hoping it will be. Please note that exclusive use of the site is only guaranteed for 120 or more participants.

Outdoor Ed Squeah Retreat Centre

Outdoor Education/College/University

For more specific information on our outdoor education opportunities, visit our outdoor education website to learn more about how we serve schools and provide excellent activity facilitation for your needs.

College and University Retreats are great and we love to host you!

If you are looking to run a staff or leadership retreat or have your club be out for a time away from campus, consider Squeah as your place to get away! We love learning and enjoy hosting post-secondary groups. Consider recreating in the unique environment here at the edge of the coastal and cascade ranges of British Columbia. Take time to focus on your year of learning or your goals for the season and let us know how we can assist you in achieving them!

Please note that we are a no alcohol facility when planning a retreat at Camp Squeah.

Wellness Squeah Retreat Centre


If you are are group organizer for a retreat or event that is focused on helping groups or individuals for spiritual, emotional, social, mental or physical health purposes, consider Camp Squeah as a place and a community that can assist you in providing the facility and space that will help you help the people you care for.

All kinds of wellness retreats have been hosted here including marriage and family retreats, ministerial retreats, veterans wellness groups, First Nations retreats, retreats for at risk youth or adults and others. The possibilities are really endless.

We are in the business of care and ministering to others. If our location and service can support what you do, we’d love to be your camp and retreat centre. Give is a call and let us know your particular hopes and group needs and we’ll do what we can to accommodate you.

Crafting Squeah Retreat Centre


Perhaps you are a group of people who have a particular activity you like to do together and are just looking for the perfect spot to do it. Camp Squeah may be the place for you!

There are a variety of crafting and quilting groups who utilize our facility to use every hour they have to get that special something made for their special someone. Or to spend quality time doing what you absolutely love to do with the people you love to do it with without your daily distractions. Consider Squeah as a place that can host you and your group.

Reunions Squeah Retreat Centre

Family/Class Reunions

It may be the year for your family to come together again. Now that you’re spread all over the province (or the world!) consider congregating at Squeah which may be more equidistant to your distant relatives! We love hosting family reunions and take joy in knowing that your joy in enjoying the value of family can happen here. We cater for up to 200 and would love for you to consider coming here!

It may also be time to gather your class of ’90 or ’86 or ’75 or ’52! If you’ve a class reunion, or any other reunion, you’d like to organize, think about coming here together to celebrate and see your old friends and reminisce about the good ole days.

Please note that we are not open for rental retreats during the summer months from, typically, that last week of June to the last full week of August as that is when our summer camps are in session.

High Ropes Squeah Retreat Centre

Team Building

In regards to activities, Team building is something we love to do and excel at here at Camp Squeah. If you’ve never thought of utilizing this experience before, or have done it lots and know it’s value, think of us as your location for excellent team building! We’ve facilitated all kinds of team building retreats and events whether for corporations, businesses, community centres, employment services, schools or other types. Let us know what your goals are and let our team take you through an experience that will enlighten your group on communication or leadership or community growth or emotional health or the art of listening and encouraging, etc.

Our team have a range of trust and team building activities that can be done either inside or out. We also have a low ropes course which includes 8 different elements to choose from with which to help your team grow together. Our High Ropes Course is a great final challenge that can be a stretch but also a fantastic way to challenge yourself individually within the group.

Come for the day or stay overnight and take your time thinking, debriefing and growing together in healthy relationship at Camp Squeah!

First Nations Squeah Retreat Centre

First Nations Retreats

Camp Squeah has good relations with it’s local First Nations peoples and bands in the area and we love to serve and care for them here. Men’s and Women’s First Nations retreats and events have enjoyed Camp Squeah, and ‘Squeah’ itself is a First Nation’s word alluding to the term place of refuge, and is the name of a singular mountain across the Fraser River from us!

If your group is First Nations or interested in learning more about First Nations culture or activities, we’ve a host of great facilitators and speakers to welcome your group to this Sto:Lo land and share their friendship and knowledge and experience with you. If you’re looking for a quiet place to have your First Nation’s retreat with us, give us a call or email to consider booking your retreat here with us. á’a iyólem kw’as me kwetxwí:lem (Yes, you can come in!)