Book Your Retreat

Squeah Retreat Centre will customize your retreat to meet your goals and needs, providing a memorable experience for your group delivered by our quality staff.

How to Book & Prepare

Call or email Cyndi Nickerson, Squeah’s Administrative Assistant to consider what dates might work for your specific retreat request, discuss your retreat goals and customize a quote.

604-869-5353 ext. 101 /

  • Once you are ready to formally book, Cyndi Nickerson, our administrative assistant, will send you the booking information and rental agreement for you to sign and return to Camp Squeah. We also require a certificate of insurance from your booking if we have not already received it.
  • When you’ve booked we’ll request your first and second deposits as well.
  • After you’ve sent in the rental agreement, we can assist you with scheduling of activities and any other program details or questions you may have. This should be finalized ideally by a month prior to your arrival.
  • At least 3 weeks before you arrive, if your retreat is a catered one, we will need any dietary information such as allergies or requests so we can purchase the appropriate food for your group’s meals. Also, we may receive from you an accommodation registry showing which guests are in which rooms (for fire regulations). These forms and information we’ll give to you and remind you of at the appropriate time.
  • Please note we do not request or require final payment until the end of your retreat or after it has finished and you’ve returned to home. For invoice accuracy and to save or payments back and forth, we prefer to ‘square up’ at the end.

Find our Retreat fees on our Rates and Activities Pages.