Discipleship Camp

“…like a tree planted by the water” Ps 1:3

Introducing PLANTED

Ages 15-18

Spring Break, March 19-24, 2023

Are you looking to grow in your spiritual journey, be intentional about discipleship and following Jesus?

Then PLANTED is an opportunity for you to get started, sending your spiritual roots down to the water.

Our summer leadership and discipleship programs, are teaching young people skills to lead others, serve others, share about Jesus, and gain confidence in their faith.

We are offering PLANTED to kick start the growth we see through our summer programs before summer even begins. This is a spring break discipleship camp for teens 15-18 who are looking to go deeper in their Christian faith. We want to see young people who are rooted in their faith in Jesus and growing towards a life of discipleship and service.

At camp, young leaders have the opportunity to

  • Build trusting relationships with like-minded peers
  • Try new things, outside their comfort zones, in a safe place
  • Reflect on life and faith away from home distractions
  • Experience the inspiration of creation

PLANTED is not just a retreat weekend, or spring break holiday. It will include opportunities for teambuilding, practicing spiritual disciplines, completing a work project, and gaining skills in camp activities. Just like trees benefit from being tended, our spiritual growth benefits from some work too. Students need to be ready to roll their sleeves up and commit to learning and participating. We hope it will be challenging, but also rewarding and lots of fun together.

Space is limited. We are starting small, limiting spaces to just 12 students. We value the growth that comes when we can share life together in tight groups, just like our cabin groups in the summer. Students must get a recommendation to attend (see below), and spaces will be filled on a first come first served basis.

Discount on Summer. The cost of PLANTED is $400. If accepted, $300 of this amount can be applied to either Servant Leadership Training (SLT) or Ministry Under Discipleship (MUD) in the summer. SLT is a 4-week counselor-in-training program. MUD is our two-week work crew and discipleship program.

Get Recommended. Students attending PLANTED must be recommended by their pastor or another Christian leader they know. This leader must complete a recommendation form, letting Camp Squeah know that they believe the student is ready for this program. These Christian Leaders will also be asked for their willingness to support the student through prayer and guidance going forward.

Registering. Students wishing to attend PLANTED should contact our Summer Program Director by email: summer@squeah.com and ensure they have someone provide a recommendation to attend. Once a recommendation has been received by Camp Squeah, students will receive a Group Hold ID, which will allow them to register for PLANTED through our online  camper registration.

(contact summer@squeah.com for Group Hold ID first)

Or Download Forms

Leadership development is an opportunity for you to learn to lead and serve as Jesus did. Discover and develop your leadership skills as you nurture your relationship with God. Living in community gives you a chance to learn and grow alongside others.

Note: All LT programs require an application and interview before acceptance or payment.

Junior Leadership Training

Ages 15-16, Aug 10-25, 2017

A two week program that focuses on the heart and art of servant leadership and team ministry. You’ll live in and contribute to community while helping serve camp. Come and experience great sessions and mentoring, teambuilding activities and fantastic friends. Come and discover your leadership skills while working in the great outdoors!

Together, we will be helping out in activity areas around camp, discovering the Christian faith, sharing with one another, playing hard, developing and running a summer day camp and building strong relationships.

The JLT Program will run for two weeks, beginning with a multi-day team building backpack trip. The second week in 2017 will include the running of a day camp on site. Maintaining a reasonable level of fitness prior to coming is strongly encouraged.

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Senior Leadership Training

Ages 16-17, Dates below

This four-week program focuses on team building, leadership development and camper care. It includes a two week training period and a two week practicum period, with a multi-day backpacking experience, co-cabin leading experience and opportunities to contribute to other areas of camp life. Participants will choose one of two SLT sessions. The training period for each session runs at the same time while the practicum periods run separately.

SLT includes:

  • leadership training sessions
  • study on what the Bible teaches about servant leadership
  • assisting senior cabin leaders as support staff
  • gaining perspective on the responsibilities & experiences of a cabin leader
  • co-leading an activity

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How to Apply for Leadership Training Programs

Junior Leadership Training:

  • For JLT you must be 15 to 16 years of age as of Dec. 31, 2017 to be eligible to apply.
  • JLT suggests the applicant to have some understanding of the Christian faith.

Senior Leadership Training:

  • SLT requires the applicant to have some understanding of Christian life and to have an active relationship with Jesus Christ.
  • For SLT you must be 16 to 17 years of age as of Dec. 31, 2017 to be eligible to apply.

Currently there is no online registration for LT Programs. Please follow these steps to apply:

  • You must fill out a Leadership Program Application and send it to camp.
  • You must get 3 people to fill out and send in Reference Forms to ‘Camp Squeah: Attn. LT Director’.
  • You will be contacted for an interview.

PLEASE NOTE: Spaces are limited and acceptance into the program is not automatic. Interviews will begin in the spring of 2017 or earlier if an LT Director is in place by then. Payment is not received until you are acceptance into the program.