Ages 12-14, Aug 13-18, 2017

Outbackers is our camp for pre-teens and younger teenagers.

Outbackers activities are much the same as our other 5 night camps and our counselors are connecting with, encouraging them and building friendships to help them see the joy they can have as fun loving, mature individuals connecting to a caring community. We seek to listen to teenagers and share God’s great love with them in ways they can understand and ask good questions.

At Outbackers we have a speaker who shares from their life and ministry the core values of Christianity and how God’s love can change them and make them into loving and caring people. We challenge the older campers to try new activities and to reach out to make friends that will influence them positively. We as a caring staff community seek to encouragingly affect each camper physical, socially, spiritually and mentally.

Consider Outbackers as a great camp for your 12 – 14 year old child!

Register Closing Program Camp Fee
5:00pm 7:30pm $345
Outbackers Camp for Kids Ages 12-14
27915 Trans-Canada Highway,Hope,BC-V0X 1L3
Starting on
August 13, 2017
Ending on
August 18, 2017