Year Round Staff

Camp Squeah year round staff are accountable to a leadership board to whom they report. Our year round staff serve each other as a means of leading each other and providing an example of God’s heart through service.

Rob Tiessen - Camp Squeah in Hope BC

Rob Tiessen

Executive Director

Rob has served full-time at Camp Squeah since 1997, and was involved many years prior as a camper and summer staff team member. Having served 10 years as Program Director, in 2006, Rob was appointed as Camp Squeah’s Executive Director. Together with his wife,Kim and 3 kids, Josiah, Eli and Nyah, Rob loves balancing his time between serving in this amazing environment and living in Hope. Kim has served as a vital Squeah teammember over the years, sharing her talents in areas of food service, activity instruction, program leadership, and adventure/teambuilding facilitation.

ph: 1-800-380-2267, ext. 102 or 604-869-5353
email: rob@squeah.com

Dave Wismath - Camp Squeah in Hope BC

Dave Wismath

Administrative Assistant

Dave joined the camp team in April 2008 when he and his wife Janice and their 2 children moved from the lower mainland to Hope. Since that time he’s witnessed two kids grow up to graduate from high school and daily utilizes his amazing tetris skills and attention to details as Camp Squeah’s Guest Group Bookings Coordinator and Administrative Assistant.

ph: 1-800-380-2267, ext. 101 or 604-869-5353
email: dave@squeah.com

Tim Larson - Camp Squeah in Hope BC

Tim Larson

Outdoor Education Director

Tim Larson joined the full time team in 2007. Tim has extensive camping experience from around the province and is happy to have landed at Camp Squeah. Serving Jesus Christ by discipling young people, and sharing his love and care for creation and children are his passions. Tim, his wife Kari and their family live on site at Squeah. Kari has also worked at Squeah in the areas of activity instruction, spring break program, and summer camp leadership.

ph: 1-800-380-2267, ext. 105 or 604-869-5353
email: tim@squeah.com

Dan Friessen - Camp Squeah in Hope BC

Dan Friesen

Site Manager

‘Handy-Man Dan’ holds the distinction of being the Camp Squeah employee with the longest connection; starting in 1988, he has surpassed his 29th year of full time work (a new camp record) as Camp’s Site and Facilities Manager. He and his wife, Lorraine, have raised three boys into men at camp and have moved into their newly built home in Hope. Both Dan and Lorraine have contributed greatly to Squeah over the years. Lorraine has been a key person involved in getting our Paddle-a-thon fundraiser to the smooth running event it is now.

ph: 1-800-380-2267, ext. 106 or 604-869-5353
email: dan@squeah.com

Cyndi Nickerson - Camp Squeah in Hope BC

Reid & Cyndi Nickerson

Reid: Food Services Manager

Reid joined the Squeah Team in 2010,  bringing  his management experience to the Food Service area. Reid has worked in project management, training, and the ordering of raw materials. He is married to Cyndi, and they have two girls who have grown up at Squeah camps.

ph: 1-800-380-2267, ext 103 or 604-869-5353
email: foodservices@squeah.com

Cyndi: Registrar

Cyndi joined our crew in December of 2012 as our summer Registrar.   Cyndi works seasonally, oftentimes  sorting online registrations remotely  in the winter and then settling into her office at camp late spring and throughout the summer.  She loves meeting parents and campers on opening day and helping ease anxieties related to 1st time camp experiences.

ph: 1-800-380-2267, ext. 203 or 604-869-5353
email: registrar@squeah.com

Pam White - Camp Squeah in Hope BC

Pam White


Pam has been working part-time at Squeah since 2002. Pam has the dubious distinction of being Squeah’s only employee from Spuzzum (aside from her two daughters who’ve previously worked in our food service department). With great attention to detail, Pam makes sure all bills get paid, all invoices collected, and all receipts are handed in.

ph: 1-800-380-2267, ext. 107 or 604-869-5353
email: pam@squeah.com

Peggy Wiens - Copy

Peggy Wiens

Head Chef

Peggy Wiens is our new amazing Head Cook, who, together with Reid and the rest of the Food Services team coordinate mouth watering meal experiences. Peggy is excited to be a part of the Squeah team and we are incredibly enthusiastic to have her on board. Peggy’s dedication to excellent dining experience and making you feel welcome are among her many great characteristics. Her skills are something to be behold!

ph: 1-800-380-2267, ext 103 or 604-869-5353
email: cooks@squeah.com

Dustin Siemens - Camp Squeah in Hope BC

Dustin Siemens

Summer Program Director

Dustin is our Summer Program Director. Dustin has served our summer staff team in a variety of capacities since 2007, as Assistant Program Director, LT Director and Cabin Counselor. Dustin brings a wide range of skills to Squeah’s summer camp ministry while assisting with Outdoor Education Retreats and seasonal staff training as needed. He is excited about creating a safe place for people to grow through challenging themselves, and meeting Jesus at the same time. Dustin and his wife Jenna live on site at Squeah with their young son, and enjoy spending time in the woods together.

ph: 1-800-380-2267, ext. 129 or 604-869-5353
email: dustin@squeah.com

Atilla Lengyel - Camp Squeah in Hope BC

Attila Lengyel

Assistant Cook & Janitor

Attila is our Assistant Cook and one of our expert HouseKeepers!  Attila comes all the way from Hungary, having joined the team in Fall 2015, serving in our kitchen and helping to provide excellent food service with the team. He continues to amaze us with his many talents.  We’re very excited and thankful he’s decided to commit to another term of service (through to Fall 2017).