Summer Staff & Volunteers

Applying for Squeah Summer Staff

This is your opportunity to join the team!

Camp Squeah is seeking staff members who have dedicated their lives to Jesus Christ and desire to mature in their relationship with God through serving others. Please pray sincerely about this opportunity. Volunteers need to be 17 yrs old. These individuals must be mature and ready to take on the responsibilities of serving campers and supporting the staff community.

Bonus! If you have served in the summer at Camp Squeah previously, refer someone you know, who has not been on the summer staff team before, to apply with you this year. If you are both accepted to the summer staff team this summer, you could receive some sweet Squeah swag!

Applications and Interviews

Interested individuals are encouraged to apply online as soon as possible. Downloadable application forms are also available and can be submitted by fax, mail, or email. Applicants using the downloaded application should also distribute 3 reference forms to be submitted on their behalf. If you have any questions about serving on summer staff or about the application process, please contact our Summer Program Director at 604.869.5353 ext. 128 or summer@squeah.com. Interviews will begin early in the year. Please remember that you must be 17 years old (or turning 17 before summer) to be considered for a summer staff position at Camp Squeah.

Summer Service Commitment

Camp Squeah’s summer program is run by a dedicated set of volunteers who give their time as a gift and as an act of service. We do, however, clearly recognize that finances are an issue for a number of our staff who are pursuing post-secondary education in the fall. We encourage these people to:

Seek employment for May and June; (Squeah hires a certain number of seasonal staff to work each late April-June & September-October.)
Ask their congregation to support their summer of camp ministry

Apply to our Bursary Fund , which helps support post-secondary students. The amounts available vary and are distributed by a Bursary Awards Committee in early August.

Staff Training – Camp Squeah’s summer staff are required by British Columbia Camping Association accreditation and Squeah’s summer policy to attend the summer staff training week prior to service in the summer. This is an intentional time for staff to adequately learn their positions, become confident in their duties and responsibilities and become a cohesive and Christ centered community that will live and work together all summer. Please inform the Summer Program Director if you have a conflict during the staff training week. Alternate training arrangements may be made.

Summer staff training begins the last Sunday in June.

*Ages as of the first day of camp

**Voluneers may be eligible for a student bursary awarded to volunteers for educational tuition

***Some Support Staff positions require certification or experience in Low Ropes Courses, Belaying or other activities. Multi-media position requires experience and ability in photography, video editing and other multi-media work. Leadership Positions are offered to staff with at least a year of experience at camp or age/maturity qualifications.

Weekly Volunteer Opportunities

Limited opportunities are available for those wishing to volunteer only one or two weeks in the summer. Preference is given for those who have served Squeah’s summer camps in the past, and received previous training. Please contact the Summer Program Director for information on these opportunities: summer@squeah.com, or complete our online Weekly Volunteer Form.

Summer Staff Positions


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