Health & Safety

The health and safety of all our campers and guests is a top priority for Camp Squeah. We care deeply for each person who we welcome and work hard to create an environment where they can feel a deep connection to creation, God and the community at Squeah.

Some ways in which we ensure the health an safety of campers and staff:


Please see our COVID-19 Updates page for information on Camp Squeah COVID-19 protocols for overnight summer camps.


Camp Squeah is an accredited member with the British Columbia Camping Association. The BCCA sets common safety practice standards that are adhered to by many camps to improve and value the safety of children in all camp programming.

BCCA standards include best practices around facilities, food, first aid and medical care/response, any and all camp related activities (i.e.: Archery, Belaying/rock climbing, swimming, boating, out-tripping, horseback riding, challenge courses, etc.), transportation, administration and staffing.

Food Service

Camp Squeah’s kitchen is inspected annually by the local health authorities and is run by certified Food Safe professionals. For more information on our food service please see the food page.


Camp Squeah staff operate with a ‘challenge by choice’ attitude that encourages campers to take healthy and positive risks with the goal of growing mature and more developed in their confidence, physical skills, social skills and trust. No activities are ever forced upon a child and yet it is expected that campers will attend all activities to be properly supervised and have the greatest opportunity of a positive experience, particularly with their cabin mates.

All our summer staff receive a week of training to have them confidently competent to lead and facilitate all our activities. There are safety and risk management protocols for all activities. Our High Ropes Course is managed by staff with a certified High Ropes Course certificate.

First Aid

Camp Squeah provides first aid with a staff member who is Occupational First Aid level 2 certified, as required by the WCB. We administer medication as directed by parents and medical practitioners and we care for each camper medically all hours of the day and night. Parents are notified in the event of any serious medical issue a child may have.

Hope’s Fraser Canyon Hospital is 20 minutes away and Camp Squeah is located right on the #1 Hwy just north of Hope with easy access to medical facilities when needed. There are also medical clinics in Hope that Squeah utilizes for less serious medical issues requiring medical assistance for campers.

Squeah’s extended outtrip programs include a leader with OFA level 3 first aid, appropriate medical kits and the means to communicate with emergency services and Camp Squeah.

Policies & Procedures

Camp Squeah summer staff follow policies and procedures to help ensure the health and safety of each camper. This includes their physical, emotional, spiritual, psychological and social health & safety. Camp Squeah’s staff implement a no tolerance for bullying or harassment of either campers or staff. We have a list of emergency procedures to respond to different types of emergencies during summer camp programming.

Camp Squeah provides space for children to hear the Christian story without coercion or manipulation. We seek to listen and love each camper individually and communally as we live in God’s love and share His great story of redemption and reconciliation. No camper is put into a place wherein they would feel ashamed of who they are or what they believe.


Camp Squeah regularly maintains its facilities and upgrades them and fixes them as needed. We follow all building codes and try to improve on what we have already in place for our facilities. We routinely identify and remove danger trees, upgrade our trail network, renovate buildings and replace outdated equipment when needed.

Camp Squeah has a back up generator system that can power the entire camp for 24 hours or longer should the power go out for a long period. Each building has a fire alarm system.