Working out of our main kitchen in the Squeah Lodge, Squeah Food Services take pride in serving our campers balanced meals that are both delicious and nutritious.

Our spacious dining hall accommodates up to 200 voracious appetites. Squeah staff lead everyone in a fun camp song, followed by an opportunity to give thanks for the food. Meals are typically served cafeteria-style, with the campers coming up to one of three serving stations to get their meal. Dinners include a home-made dessert from our kitchen, such as creampuffs, brownies & ice cream, fruit pies, Bears on the Beach, just to name a few. Each meal always offers healthy food options of fruit and/or vegetables.

All Squeah cooks are FoodSafe Level 1 certified, who take great care when catering to the dietary restrictions of our campers. Dietary or food allergy information is collected through the registration process, and the Food Services Manager is at opening day registration to connect with the campers and their parent/guardian to confirm any details of their food allergies. All campers with dietary restrictions, including our counsellors and staff, get a wristband to help the serving staff identify people at mealtimes who require the special meals they have prepared. We also encourage our campers to have an open dialogue with the kitchen cooks regarding what is being prepared for them. We have found this ensures our staff are making the proper food, and also that our campers can relax and enjoy themselves instead of worrying about their meal times.

Please note: No food or beverage items containing nuts are allowed in the Squeah kitchen and dining room. This includes almond milk.

Some of our values include:

  • Purchase local produce and food products whenever possible
  • Maintain composting and recycling programs
  • Reduce waste in the dining hall as much as possible
  • Run a seasonal garden on-site for food and education
  • Cater to various dietary restrictions


Does Camp Squeah cater to campers with food allergies or do I have to pack food for my child?
Camp Squeah Food Services caters to most campers’ dietary restrictions. If a camper’s food requirements are complicated or contain multiple allergens, the Food Services Manager may contact the camper’s parents/guardians to mutually strategize agreeable meal plan for the camper. The menu is reviewed and if any gaps are identified, the kitchen can prepare alternate food for the camper. In the case where a camper has specific, specialized food, which the kitchen team cannot accommodate, s/he may be asked to bring it with them. The camp has a refrigerator specifically for staff and campers to store specialty food items.

My child is Celiac and I’m concerned about cross-contamination.
We have a lot of experience with dietary restrictions and food allergies. We have cared for Celiacs before, including staff members. When deemed necessary we have put together a sealed tote with utensils and such to use for Celiacs only.

My child is deathly allergic to peanuts/tree nuts and carries an epi pen with them at all times. How can I be sure s/he will be safe?
The Squeah kitchen and dining room are nut-free so there would be no chance of your child coming into contact with nuts from our kitchen. We only stock sunflower seeds, sesame seeds, and poppy seeds in our pantry. PLEASE NOTE, however, that we are not certified nut-free, and that the Camp Squeah site in general is not nut-free.

What if my child is picky?
While we cannot cater to each camper’s personal tastes, at each meal we usually have several choices for them. If this is a concern for you, we suggest talking with the Food Services Manager on the opening day registration of your child’s camp.

My child doesn’t sing, does that mean they will go hungry?
We encourage campers to participate in the pre-meal camp song, but it is not mandatory to sing along…or do the accompanying actions for that matter. But it is a lot of fun that they will be missing out on. Just saying.