Camp Squeah

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There are many ways in which you can be involved in the ministry here at Camp Squeah


Help Raise the Roof!

After two years of postponement,  Covid-19, ironically enough,  has opened a window for us to address the leaks in our main lodge roof.  This lodge, in which so many fabulous meals have been shared, in which so many deeply significant memories have been made and in which thousands and thousands of campers of ALL ages have been nurtured, loved and celebrated, has been showing some signs of aging, these past few seasons – as evidenced by buckets strewn around various parts of the lodge capturing rain drops not meant for the indoors.

Progress has begun Squeah roof update

Now, we are asking for your help to raise the funds necessary to see this project through to completion. Our goal is to raise $350,000.00 by Dec. 31st . Any moneys raised above and beyond the scope of the roof restoration will go towards offsetting the operational deficit we are dealing with as we pray for an end to this pandemic.

Squeah Lodge Roof Replacement in Progress
Squeah Lodge Roof Replacement in Progress

Squeah Lodge Roof Project0%


You may also choose to help ease the financial burden of sending a camper to camp, contribute to future growth, or support our students in ministry. On going designations include…

  • Campership fund – helping to send kids to camp whose families cannot afford the cost
  • Student Bursary Fund – helping to support post-secondary students who volunteer their summer for camp ministry
  • Capital Building Fund


Share your gifts and talents with us by volunteering for a time of service. Areas we would appreciate help include:

  • Kitchen work – especially summer
  • Landscaping/grounds work
  • Trails maintenance
  • Housekeeping
  • Hosting weekend guest groups – year round


Contact for prayer requests and to find out other ways you can help.