Camp Squeah

Who We Are

Camp Squeah, a ministry of Mennonite Church British Columbia, is a children’s summer camp, retreat centre and outdoor education facility.

Our diverse and very active summer camp program includes children’s camp sessions that range in duration from 3-6 days, in addition to leadership training and discipleship camps, which encourage the development of skills from a servant leader perspective. Our summer camp program is developed and presented from a Christian perspective.

Care for our environment and a ‘challenge by choice’ philosophy for guests is applied to all program planning and activities.

Camp Squeah is a place for children, for students and teachers, for small and large groups. It is a place of renewal, learning, play and retreat.

Our Values


Being responsible for that which has been entrusted to us means caring for every guest that comes here and also, to the best of our ability, caring for our environment, locally, regionally and globally. In our endeavor to be environmentally responsible, we continually search for healthier ways of doing things and products that will not contribute to increased waste or poverty at their point of origin nor here.

Environmental issues are far-reaching and complex in their nature. We have chosen to take a step-by-step approach to improving the environment. Here are some results to date.


Squeah’s most visible area of consumption is in food service. We continually challenge our food suppliers to provide us with products that they can guarantee have been produced in non-exploitive environments.

  • Coffee served is fairly traded and locally roasted.
  • Meat is purchased from locally companies that source local animals.
  • Water from our tap is free of any additives.
  • All tin, plastic, cardboard and paper is recycled.


Squeah t-shirts, hoodies and hats are purchased from suppliers who guarantee that they have been produced in non-exploitive environments.


  • Power Smart light fixtures and extensive use of timers and photocell technology ensure that electricity is only used when required and not wasted.
  • Solar Panels provide 90% of the heat required to maintain comfortable swimming temperatures in our outdoor swimming pool.


  • Squeah letterhead, envelopes, business cards and promotional materials are printed on 100% Post Consumer Waste Recycled paper. All office garbage is separated into paper recycling and non-paper garbage containers by the office staff.
  • Laser Printer and Fax cartridges are brought to a re-supplier who reloads and recycles the spent cartridges.

If you have suggestions of other areas where we can show more care for our world which we may not have considered yet, please contact us! Thank you.